Rubicon Support Team

Think ‘under one roof’  Think Rubicon

With around 80% of our clients operating within the design, pre-press, print and publishing sector, here at Rubicon we really do understand how your business works and the challenges you face.

That’s why our services are central to your requirements. Our focus is on customer relevance. We deliver bespoke practical solutions that align to your business needs and support your business in achieving its goals.

Regardless of business size, or industry sector, our team of technical specialists will translate your business requirements into tailor-made business based IT solutions.



We provide an installation service for all our customers no matter how small or complex. 

In most case we provide the pre-sales support or consultancy and supply the equipment to ensure you have procured the correct equipment.  However, we are just as happy to install equipment that has not been purchased from ourselves.

Our installations are completed by our experienced and qualified engineers, all of whom have an excellent overall IT knowledge but we proactively encourage them to specialise in specific fields.  This is to ensure our knowledge is up to date so you get the most out of the installation.  For larger, more complex installations a scope of works document is drawn up in advance.

Our installations are backed by our 14 day post installation support programme to give you complete peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about our installation and configuration services or have a specific requirement please call 0844 880 115 or contact us for further information.

Account Management

All our customers are allocated a dedicated Account Manager. 

Our Account Managers are all experienced, mature professionals whose overall aim is to ensure you get the right advice and the best value for money - not sell you whats in stock.

Most of our clients see Rubicon as an extension to their team and a valued resource and this is due partly to the fact that we prefer to do business face to face.  This way we truly understand your requirements and can add extra value to your business rather than just reacting to your problems.

If you would like to arrange a relaxed, no commitment appointment with one of our Account Managers please call us on 0844 880 0015 or contact us for further information.



We have the broad experience, depth of knowledge and technical excellence to be able to advise companies and assist them with their every technology decision.  Normally this consultancy is part of the Rubicon experience and overall package we provide all our existing and potential customers. 

However, should your requirements extend beyond our complimentary consultancy we can help.

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Get the knowledge

The desktop computer revolution has reshaped businesses, giving individuals and organisations the ability to create and publish in a vast array of media. We can deliver the training needed to exploit this power to its full potential for Apple, Adobe, Extensis & Quark.

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If you have a short or medium term requirement, maybe for a project and can’t justify the expense of purchasing the extra hardware resources to cope we can assist you.

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As a business keeping track of your IT is a time consuming (and never ending) job - especially if you don’t have your own dedicated support department. 

Our IT audit means you know what you have empowering you to decide the best way forward.  The audit provides you with an asset list of all hardware, software and devices related to your network as well as flagging any current issues such as business continuity, versioning and legality.  Just as importantly it allows Rubicon to identify where extra performance can be squeezed out of your existing equipment prolonging it’s life or outline areas where future investment may be required.

By carrying out the system audit we get to know your business allowing us to give you the best advice and develop an IT strategy with you. 

For further information or to book an IT Audit please call us 0844 880 0015 or contact us for further information.

Protecting your most valuable asset

Understanding and managing the security of your IT systems is a complex and challenging task.

Never before has your sensitive data and corporate integrity been so under attack from what can be an overwhelming array of sophisticated and blended threats. Not only are external attacks on the rise in both volume and effectiveness but the insider threat of careless and disgruntled employees can often lead to even more serious and compromising breaches that can cost the organisation productivity, revenue and reputation.

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Making it easy and safe

Few modern business last long without good internet services.

For many users, about the worst thing that happen on a day at work is that they can’t get or send email. And for good reason as so many business processes now rely on the worldwide-web and email messaging.

Through our partner we provide market leading connectivity solutions at a price you can afford and backed by a formidable in-house support team, secure SMTP filtering and fully-hosted email service,  flexible web hosting providing a platform for your company’s Internet presence including domain name services.

Our strategic partnerships with market leaders to deliver end-to-end solutions allow your organisation to leverage the some of the most powerful technologies the internet has to offer, without the complexity and hassle normally associated with them.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

The more your business relies on its IT systems, the more you need to consider how unexpected disruptions might affect your business. These disruptions could come in many forms, from fire and floods to theft or malicious attacks on your systems, such as viruses or hacking.

Business continuity planning improves your business’ ability to react to such disruptions. It describes how you will restart your operations in order to meet your business-critical requirements. 

If you would like to know more about our Business Continuity planning services please call us on 0844 880 0015 or contact us for further information.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery service guarantees that in the event that your company suffers a disaster, whatever that disaster is, we will provide a replacement server or basic server services. This may be either remote service or a replacement server or we can delivered to any site in the UK.

To find our more about our disaster recovery service please call us on 0844 880 0015 or contact us for further information.

Well conected

Through our partner with over twenty years experience in delivering cabling solutions, we can design and install structured cabling solution, i.e. EIA/TIA Category5e/6 UTP/FTP networks and fibre-optic systems.  Our extensive engineering and technical background, combined with years of experience, allows us to provide an unsurpassed level of design, installation and diagnostic services.

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